• Skitväder


    Shitty Weather/动画/短片/瑞典语/Jessica Laurén/

    It has been raining for forty days. In the house yet another kitchen renovation is under way, with concerns about color choices, throw pillows and click flooring. The app...

    2024-04-20 12
  • 鼠小僧次郎吉



    As the city of Edo is plunged into darkness, a man emerges from the attic of a house. It’s the famous Jirokichi, nicknamed Nezumikozo/the Rat, a virtuous bandit who stea...

    2024-04-17 13
  • Preciso te contar sobre mim

    [2024]Preciso te contar sobre mim[豆瓣0分]

    I need to tell you about me/动画/短片//Joyce Prado Almeida/Marcus Vinícius Vasconcelos/Vanessa Fort/

    2024-04-21 10
  • 蛾


    /动画/短片/英语/Allison Schulnik/

    MOTH is a traditionally animated, hand painted, gouache-on-paper film. It is animated mostly straight-ahead, with frames painted on paper almost daily for 14 months. The ...

    2024-04-18 11
  • Movie Trip Through Filmland

    [1921]Movie Trip Through Filmland[豆瓣0分]

    /动画/纪录片/短片/英语 / 无对白/Paul Fenton/

    This educational and highly informative film about the production of motion picture film stock and the impact of movies on a global audience was shot at Kodak Park, the h...

    2024-04-17 12
  • 大室家 亲爱的朋友们

    [2024]大室家 亲爱的朋友们[豆瓣0分]

    摇曳百合 番外篇/动画/日语/龙轮直征/加藤英美里/斋藤千和/日高里菜/内田彩/三森铃子/内田真礼/三上枝织/大坪由佳/津田美波/大久保瑠美/藤田咲/丰崎爱生

    なもり原作漫画、《摇曳百合》外传《大室家》宣布改编为两部中篇动画电影(每部预定约 40 分钟),第一部为《大室家 dear sisters》,第二部为《大室家 dear friends》

    2024-04-20 10
  • Glass House

    [2024]Glass House[豆瓣0分]


    A sonic-video work, a disruptive immersive experience. It’s a glass Tower of Babel, a beautiful hypnotic kaleidoscope. It’s a feeling of both attraction and repulsion, ...

    2024-04-18 11
  • 午后14:30


    /动画/短片/汉语普通话/Nan Yao/

    After the end of a relationship that went nowhere, a woman's complex emotions seem to be amplified, and in the midst of insomnia she feels she can touch the many subtle v...

    2024-04-16 13
  • 不平凡的乔


    /动画/短片/英语/巴瑞·普维斯/琳赛·邓肯/Ben Keaton

    故事发生在她的卧室里,在她生命的尽头,《平凡的乔》见证了“乔”·卡斯泰尔和分享了她所有生活和冒险经历的角色Tod Wadley勋爵之间的言语争吵,Tod Wabley勋爵是一个小的雄性Steiff...

    2024-04-21 10
  • The Time Botanist

    [2023]The Time Botanist[豆瓣0分]

    /动画/短片/无对白/Glenn Paul-Parvenu/

    A botanist returns to the past to study an extinct mushroom, but her machine takes her further than expected. Will she be able to return to the present day?

    2024-04-19 10
  • Por el monte las sardinas

    [2025]Por el monte las sardinas[豆瓣0分]

    /动画//Katia Klein/

    2024-04-17 11
  • 小象


    /动画/德语/Günter Rätz/


    2024-04-16 11
  • Emma 52 Hz

    [2021]Emma 52 Hz[豆瓣0分]

    /动画/短片//Eleni Gkelameri/

    2024-04-21 10
  • Nini



    2024-04-19 12
  • Las Dos Fridas

    [2026]Las Dos Fridas[豆瓣0分]


    Moments which changed Kahlo's life, from motor accident that permanently disabled her and led her to paint to her life partner Diego Rivera, and photographer Nickolas Mur...

    2024-04-17 13
  • Kanskje det var elefanter

    [2024]Kanskje det var elefanter[豆瓣0分]

    Maybe Elephants/动画/短片/英语/托里尔·科芙/

    Three rebellious teenage daughters, a restless mother, a father struggling with potatoes, and maybe some elephants, find themselves in Nairobi. What could possibly go wro...

    2024-04-16 12
  • Eden


    /动画/短片//Lee Yejin/

    A young girl carries her sister, who doesn’t have legs, up a seemingly endless flight of stairs to the top of a tower. There lies a place called Eden where people go to ...

    2024-04-21 10
  • 无名巾帼


    Cherchez la femme ! / Geniale Frauen/动画/纪录片/英语/茱丽·加夫拉斯/Mathieu Decarli/德尼·波达利德斯/朱莉·德帕迪约/爱伊莎·玛依卡

    Jules Verne was inspired by the great scientists and explorers of the 19th century to write his extraordinary epics. But don't these stories share some troubling similari...

    2024-04-19 11
  • Moral Support

    [2024]Moral Support[豆瓣0分]

    /动画/短片/无对白/Vuk Jevremovic/

    The film is inspired by Slovenian band Laibach’s music and their song "Moral Support". Through artistic movements it evokes traces of the 20th century’s first...

    2024-04-17 11
  • 投资是怎样赚钱的?



    有知有行耗时两年,打造了这条视频,没有任何投资基础的普通人,可以在 30 分钟中理解投资的底层逻辑。

    2024-04-21 11
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